IAA 2017 Citroën C3 WRC

Sneak a peek at C3WRC! Styled on the New C3, the C3 WRC retains the curves and fresh appeal of the production model, with its hallmark design components: two-level light signature, Airbump®, two-tone roof and coloured inserts. This ultra-sporty, muscular and chiselled version, with a striking visual design, differs from the New C3. The exterior styling of the C3 WRC has been adapted for racing, with dark bumpers that accentuate the car’s look, already emphasised by the dual chrome chevrons that extend to the LED daytime running lights. The decorative touches have also been powered up, with splashes of yellow that highlight the sculptural body lines of the car. The width has been designed according to the new regulations, as have the front and rear aerodynamic spoilers, absolutely impressive in terms of size and shape.

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