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L’automobile, c’est parfois aussi des situations coquasses, insolites ou totalement dingues ! ActuAuto.TV vous propose en vidéo ces moments souvent délicieux.

AMG « One Man, One Engine » Philosophy Video

Since AMG’s founding over 50 years ago, every AMG has been designed and engineered carefully and precisely in Affalterbach, Germany. Even today, each GT, 63 and 45 model engine is assembled by a single AMG Master Technician. Everything from the first piston to the last bolt is the work of one AMG technician, and all work stages are subject to the most stringent Mercedes-Benz quality criteria. In the final stage, the Master Technician personally installs an engraved placard bearing their signature—one man’s personal assurance of quality, and the mark of AMG’s uncompromising commitment to precision and performance. This passionate and personal attention to detail produces an engine, and a driving experience that is truly without equal.

9:11 Magazine: Classic and modern: a meeting of two 911s

How could one forget this classic car? With its removable folding top, sophisticated cockpit design, and 180 horsepower, the iconic Porsche 911 S 2.2 Targa has fascinated sports-car drivers around the world to this day. Without many frills. That’s precisely why the most powerful 911 of its time has a set place in Zuffenhausen’s collection of cars. A close look reveals that the design lines of the Targa and the current Porsche 911 Carrera S are quite similar. But the ultramodern interpretation of the 911 with all manner of high technology under its hood has taken a giant step into the future. Now the two stand side by side.