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Les nouveautés se dévoilent ici sans nécessairement être accompagnées d’une « voix off ». Joli clip ou petit montage simples, la vidéo constitue la priorité de ActuAuto.TV, donc place aux images !

Derek Bell meets his British Legends Edition Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Beautifully crafted, made for comfort and performance, the Sapphire Blue Metallic British Legends Edition celebrates Porsche driver Derek Bell and his 1982 Le Mans victory. Explore the details and design from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, which have gone into creating this unique sports car. This model is only available in the UK and has limited availability.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Power: Boost Function | Plug-in Hybrid

The dynamism and efficiency of an electric motor with external charging function for daily driving in the city combined with the range of an internal combustion engine: the plug-in hybrids from Mercedes-Benz. The film metaphorically visualizes the EQ Boost function by showing its impact on the surrounding in a neighbourhood. The boost gives the EQ a 10–20 second dramatic acceleration by engaging the electric motor, adding a whole new sporty dimension to plug-in hybrid driving.